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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Behind the Lens New Release and Review Stop


Behind the Lens
Book One of The Sexy Series
By, Author Heather Dahlgren
Release Date: April 24, 2015

**WARNING** Excessive sexy behavior by hot, muscular, tattooed models. Not to be held responsible for screen licking, sweating, or orgasmic tendencies. A fan and cold glass of wine are recommended.

Synopsis: The only thing Kallie Gregory ever wanted to do was take photos. She’s been doing it for as long as she can remember. Having succeeded in becoming an up and coming photographer, she is living her dream daily. She’s not willing to risk anything to ruin what she’s built.

Jax Burke has been living his dream. He’s one of the most sought after male models with his sexy look, muscular body and brilliant tattoos that are becoming increasingly more recognizable. He has no problem getting anything that he wants, including the ladies.

When Kallie and Jax meet there’s an instant connection. They become fast friends and spend the majority of their time together, both realizing how much they have in common with their dreams and goals. The closer they get to each other, the stronger their attraction becomes.

Only problem is, Jax is willing to risk it all for a chance at love, but Kallie is not.

Is it possible for Jax to convince Kallie to see what is behind the lens?

“It was one hell of a shoot today.”  I close the door and lean on it, copying his position.
            “Thank you.  I couldn’t have been happier with the way things went.”  I look at him and he smiles.  “Well, minus the Melanie incident.  Again, I’m so sorry about that.  Nothing like that has ever happened with any of my models before.  I hope that doesn’t deter you from working with me in the future.”  He laughs, and I find myself joining him. 
            “Kallie, believe me, a little cock grabbing isn’t going to keep me from working with you.  I am looking forward to the next time.  You are definitely one of the most intriguing photographers I’ve ever worked with.”  The compliment feels amazing, especially coming from him.  He’s worked with some of the biggest photographers I know. 
            “This is my life, everything I’ve ever wanted.  So when you say something like that, it truly is a huge compliment.  Thank you.”  He is searching my face, for what, I have no idea.  I blink and look away though because it’s feeling too intimate.  “I really need to get going.  I have plans tomorrow, so I need to get these photos uploaded tonight.”  He pushes off the Jeep and stands in front of me.  Not as close as earlier, but too close none the less.
            “What plans do you have tomorrow?  Dinner with your boyfriend?”  I can’t help but burst out laughing.  It catches me completely off guard.  He rises his eyebrows and gives me that smirk.
            “Shit I’m sorry.  No, no dinner plans with the boyfriend.  No boyfriend.  I have a shoot with my brother and his family.”  He becomes completely serious, searching my face again.  I really wish he’d stop doing that shit.
            “Why is it so funny that I’d ask if you have a boyfriend?”  I straighten my back and clear my throat, feeling like I need to defend myself.
            “You’re a nosy little shit.  If you must know, most guys are jealous, insecure pricks that can’t handle what I do for a living.  What I do is so much more important than a relationship anyway.  I really need to get home Jax.  Thank you for helping with my bag and for being part of this today.”  I open my Jeep door, and he puts his arm against the truck, trapping me in place.  I have my back turned to him, and I’ve no intention of turning around.  I feel him move closer and my heart pounds in my chest.
            “You just haven’t found the right guy, that’s all.  Good night Kallie.”  He doesn’t say another word, and I hear his feet crunching on the rocks as he makes his way to his car.  I never once turn around.  I climb into the truck and slam the door.  I the only sound is my heavy breathing and the frantic beating of my heart.

Stephanie's Review:

OMG, I loved this book! This was the first book by Heather Dahlgren that I read, but it certainly won't be the last. 

This is the story of Kallie, a die-hard photographer from little girl on and now a successful professional. Her motto is never to get involved with the models not matter what. Jax, one of the most successful and sought-after models ends up in a photo shoot with Kallie and they both feel a pull towards one another. Kallie fights it tooth and nail and wonderful, sexy, sweet, tattooed Jax decides he will wait for her to come around.

They become "friends" as that is all Kallie is willing to give Jax and spend a lot of time together. Kallie has her brother Braden, who is having struggles of his own with his wife Sarah and Kallie's heart is breaking for him. Jax is there for her as always.

I feel strong arms wrap around me, and his chest against my back. "It's okay to cry, Kallie. I'll catch you when you start to fall. I promise you." I turn my head and smile at Jax. 

You can't help but LOVE Jax and his patience with Kallie! 

"I just figured you'd get drunk and go home." He stops at a light and leans over to kiss me. "Baby, I'm only home when I'm with you." Damn, my heart can't take this romantic guy sometimes. 

This is a wonderful story, with some ups and downs that will make you want to shake Kallie by the shoulders at times, but honestly, I could understand where she was coming from.

I loved the supporting characters, a few I wasn't so sure of initially, but they came around.

Kallie's fears come to light in the story and she pushes Jax away, but how this story ends is fabulous! I loved it!! It a wonderful story of believing and following what is in your heart!

This story is told from both Kallie's and Jax's POV which I loved. I also loved to read about the behind the scenes stuff with authors, cover artists, and models!!

I received this copy in exchange for an honest review.


About The Author

I am 36 years old.  I am married to my high school sweet heart.  We have been married for almost 12 years and have 3 amazing kids.  I’m a stay at home mom and my kids definitely keep me busy.  I live at the Jersey Shore and love all there is to do here.  I love nature, birds especially.  I enjoy hiking and fishing with my family. 
I have always loved to write.  In high school I used to write stories, poems and a lot of love notes!  I absolutely love to read.  I love the way I can get lost in a book and forget about the world around me.  Now that I am writing books, I feel the same way, only it’s my book I’m getting lost in.   
As for now, I am loving this journey of becoming an author.  It has been more then I dreamed it would be.   
You can always find me online.  I love social media, so please feel free to interact with me.


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